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To Our Patrons and Supporters:

We are limiting our operating hours to only weekends and select events.  We are still open, but not every day.  We appreciate the support so many of you have given us and we will continue to provide the best entertainment in downtown Tucson.  We are still available for rentals every day of the week with at least two weeks prior notice.

Our events each month will be limited but for the time being, we will still be open every first and last Tuesday of the month, every first Thursday, every Friday, every Saturday (depending on bookings), and every Sunday morning.  If you would like to see us return to daily operations, please continue supporting us and attending events every week.  There will be no other film screenings unless they are involved with event rentals.  If there is a specific film you would like us to screen, please rent the space and we will screen any film you want.  More details can be found on our Rentals page and on our Events page.

You can continue to find information on our website,, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram: @tsrtucson.  Please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or social media with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Very Respectfully,

The Screening Room Staff